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    I have to execute a Series of Insert and Update statements and I would like to use Stored Procedure. Currently, I have all the codes in the ASP file and it is causing it to choke.<BR><BR>I am using Access as my database. Can I call the &#039Modules&#039 created in Access (which are like Functions) in my ASP code somehow? <BR><BR>What is the best method to execute a series of queries? All the queries are dynamic and cannot preexist.<BR><BR>Any help will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Casper

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    You can&#039t use Store Procedure in Access Database.

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    I&#039m not sure about that.. there is a way, at least not the same way where u can put your application logic in it like in Oracle or SQL server.. Bottom line, I read an article somewhere says that the Queries you saved in <BR>Access can be use as Store Procedures. Theoretically, if you can call those stored Queries, i think u can try to call the Modules as well.. Honestly, I never done it before, but if i were you, i think it&#039s worth a try. Hope that help!<BR><BR>

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