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    I am trying to use an API declared in a dll file. The only information I had regarding the API is the function names and signatures. The sample Visual Basic code (not VBScript) provided had the following syntax for loading the function(s):<BR><BR> Declare Function FOOAPIConnect Lib "fooapi.dll" (...) As Long<BR><BR>I would simply like to be able to use the APi functions in an ASP page that will be running on a server at a hosting service. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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    If you are looking for insight into how to create components using VB which you can use in ASP pages, look at the articles provided at the web site Lots of great info.<BR><BR>I think that what you want to do is create ActiveX objects in an ActiveX .DLL which you can then easily use with the Server.CreateObject method in ASP. <BR><BR>HTH

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