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    Is this just a license on paper, or do you have to tell the system you&#039ve got it? If so, how?<BR><BR>Here&#039s my problem:<BR><BR>Any guidance is appreciated.<BR><BR>ASP --&#062; SQL7 app that is throwing this error:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed. The maximum simultaneous user count of 3 licenses for this &#039Standard Edition&#039 server has been exceeded. Additional licenses should be obtained and installed or you should upgrade to a full version. <BR><BR>Here are some details about the application.<BR><BR>* Using DSN-less connection through TCP/IP from Web server to DB server. (same error using DSN)<BR>* Same code on a dev web/db server works just fine w/only 1 license. (yes, tried comparing setup, cant see difference)<BR>* ADOVBS is included.<BR>* All requests to the server from ASP are using the same login (not sa, but even when we tried changing to use sa from ASP, same error occurs).<BR>* All admins are logged off the server. The only requests going to the server are through the ASP login.<BR>* Error message occurs at sporadic moments during the same user session, usually on pages with 2 record sets (same connection, tho).<BR>* We&#039ve got the Internet connector license <BR>* only users set up to access this db are sa and the account used by ASP<BR>* NT4, sp6a<BR>* SQL7, sp2<BR>* connection pooling set up in ODBC<BR><BR>We&#039re really at a loss. It works on the other server. Why not this one? Where did we go wrong? Any advice is appreciated.<BR><BR>(We&#039re not using session/app vars for rs/conn&#039s -- all rs and conns are closed, adovbs included)<BR>

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I noticed this post is a few months old, and no responses... I was having the exact same problem last night, and I was wondering if you ever figured out why this was happening. I&#039m using a windows 2000 server, but other than that, all other details remained the same. Any insight is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks

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