Hey, I am trying to answer my old question on the other forum as it&#039s only fair. Here&#039s the deal.<BR><BR>I have a display page for search results. Whoopy.<BR><BR>This page has html categories like Dvd/Video/Soundtrack/Books.<BR><BR>The goal is simple. If they search a movie, let&#039s say, like Star Wars, and lets say that movie in my db has a record for dvd AND video, how can it be dynamically displayed to those categories?<BR><BR>I figured mutlip sql statements to be placed under the html categories. WOuld that be the right approach?<BR><BR>If so, can I randomely put each sql statement under the html categories? And I can do this all with one connection with like:<BR><BR>dim sql<BR>dim sql2<BR><BR>and so on, right?<BR><BR>Thanks. I am just figuring out the logic to this as it&#039s a new challenge I want to learn more about.