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    I&#039m working with ADP and Generating Usernames from FirstName and LastName.The UserName must be less than 20 characters long...<BR><BR>Now, if the UserName Exists, then I have to break into some sort of loop to generate a new username. But I want to minimize the Round-trips to the server...<BR><BR>ie: jdoe exists ... jdoe1 exists ...jdoe2 exists...<BR><BR>What&#039s the best solution here?<BR>Collect the recordset of usernames like 18,19, or 20 characters, count and add that number to the username? Where do you start? and How much do you compare?<BR><BR>IF "RealLongUsernameIsOK" is taken do you loop?<BR>"RealLongUsernameIsO1"<BR>"RealLongUserna meIsO2"<BR>"RealLongUsernameIsO3"<BR>...<BR>"RealL ongUsernameIs11"<BR>...<BR>"RealLongUsernameI535"< BR><BR>Does anyone know how Hotmail created their naming system or have a simular case?

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    Guess I should have titled the post<BR>"Incrementing Usernames"

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