A puzzling problem on my NT machine. I cannot instantiate in process dll&#039s using "Set object = Server.CreateObject("myObject")". The error I get is the usual, "ActiveX component can&#039t create object". This error usually happens when the dll is not correctly registered using regsvr32.exe or if there is a typo in the class name, however this is not the case. <BR><BR>Strangely, the same dll&#039s have been working fine for months and now all of sudden they just stopped working. I can set ADODB.Recordsets and Scripting.FileSystemObject ok, there isn&#039t any other code that is interfering with the "Set object", and there have been no changes except an update to the NetShield virus software I use.<BR><BR>I&#039m guessing that there is a registry setting like "allowInProcCmpnts" or "allowOutOfProcCmpnts" that was changed somehow, but I have searched my registry and cannot find this setting.<BR><BR>Without having to rebuild my entire box, can anyone provide any more efficient ideas? Thanks.