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    Meghan Guest

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    Hellow all,<BR><BR> I am getting some values from the database and displaying it on the page in a table ofcourse with rows and columns, but if I don&#039t have a value then it looks really ugly, in fact I used<BR>If Value = "" Then<BR>Response.write "&nbsp;"<BR>End If<BR>But this is not helping is there any other suggestion, Thanks for any help.<BR>

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    If you are having the problem I think you are, all you need is:<BR><BR>If Value = "" Then<BR>Response.write "&nbsp;"<BR>End If<BR><BR>I remember I used to have to do this because the table cell wouldn&#039t show if there wasn&#039t a value in there, the border would go correctly. Let ne know if this is the problem you have.<BR><BR>Nathan

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    Is it possible that your value is actually null instead of ""? You could try<BR><BR>If isnull (Value) or Value = "" then<BR>response.write " "<BR>End If

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