I Created Vb activex dll project and initially added required code.Compiled the project into <BR><BR>dll.path of dll and the path of the project file are given same. <BR>I&#039ve Given permission for IUser_station over the dll<BR>Then, Registered the dll using<BR> Regsvr32 c:...ecommerce.dll.<BR>Got the message as register server dll...Successful.<BR><BR>In the visual interdev project, in project references I&#039ve Browsed for the ecommerce.dll and <BR><BR>selected it.at the bottom of the list of references I observed that the name of the dll and <BR><BR>path for the dll were shown when the ecommerce dll was highlighted.<BR><BR>after that I proceeded with adding more class modules and need to add more code,Then again <BR><BR>I recompiled the project into dll.When asked &#039this particular dll exists would you like o <BR><BR>replace it&#039I clicked replace.<BR><BR>But when Iam running the project I observed the required properties/ function from the dll <BR><BR>were not taken by the visual interdev project.<BR><BR>I&#039ve stopped IISAdmin service and restarted.Observed no change .<BR>Then,I Unregistered the dll and reregistered it again.Observed no chnage in the running <BR><BR>conditions of the project.<BR>Then,I removed the reference of the dll from the project references.(I think I complicated <BR><BR>the existing problem by doing this).Tried to unregister the dll and reregister the dll,at <BR><BR>which I was not successful.When I was unregistering the dll I was getting the error,<BR> Load library("path to the dll")failed<BR> Get Last error returned 0x0000007e<BR><BR>After this when Iam again trying to reference the same dll,I observed that Under the list of <BR><BR>refernces in the place of name of dll it was displayed as &#039MISSING&#039 and under that the path <BR><BR>of the dll was displayed.<BR><BR>Then Icreared totally new activex dll project,and added just the class modules (by right <BR><BR>clicking and select add..,existing modules)what I already have in my existing ecommerce <BR><BR>project.compiled this new project in to dll(ecom1.dll)<BR>In my visual interdev project,in project references I browsed for the new dll and selected <BR><BR>But, STRANGE UNDER THE LIST OF REFERENCES INSTEAD OF DLL NAME IT WAS SHOWING &#039MISSING&#039 AND <BR><BR>UNDER THAT IT WAS SHOWING THE PATH OF THE DLL.<BR>hOW TO GET OUT OF MY PROBLEM?<BR><BR>Please help me to get out of my problem.<BR><BR>Thankyou<BR><BR><BR> <BR>