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    Sean Guest

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    I am having trouble when writing a large stream of HTML using the processTag event. All seems well if the text replacement is relatively short, however if the HTMML is a large table for instance, only a certain amountof the html is writen to the template and everything else in the template that follows is lost.<BR><BR>Any ideas... By the way, the entire table is been generated within the ProcessTag Event....

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    Nathen Grass Guest

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    Do you have Visual Studio SP3 installed? If you do that is the culprit. There is a bug in the MSWCRUN.DLL that comes with service pack 3. To fix this problem you have to replace the MSWCRUN.DLL on your machine with the previous version from your VS CDs or VB CDs. The DLL is located in the Program FilesCommon FilesDesigner folder.

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    Sean Guest

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    Your a star !!!!!!<BR>I&#039ve done as you suggested and all is behaving as it should.<BR>It was so frustrating going through code over and over again and not finding anything, Microsoft at it&#039s best.....<BR><BR>Your help and knowledge is much appreciated.

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