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    karthik Guest

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    hai everybody,<BR>my asp code shows OLEDB error no:8007000e telling out of memory<BR>what does it actually mean? how to rectify it.? my temp folder<BR>is also empty.<BR>kindly help<BR>because of it the displayed form is only shown half of it or sometimes 3/4th but not totally<BR>karthik<BR>

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    The server side is getting too heavy of a load. Are you using a lot of session variables?? If you are, I suggest cutting back on those and replacing them with cookies where possible. You need to have a balance in the server-side and the client-side management.

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    KARTHIK Guest

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    hai gentleman,<BR>thank you for your suggestion. actually the server was heavily loaded but not because of session variable but a lot of people were using it. once we increased the virtual memory in the server using the option in the control panel the problem was solved.<BR>thanking you once again,<BR>karthik

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    Default Not a Problem

    No problem, always glad to help!!

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