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    I want to redirect users back to a login_page when the session Ends..but for some reason my Global.asa isnt firing Session_onEnd...Session_onStart works fine...redirecting to a this shows nothing is wrong with my script...but nothing seems to happen for the Session_OnEnd? HELP ! i am using IIS 4.0.

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    Benjamin,<BR>What your asking it to do is redirect a user that is not there. The way I understand it...<BR>1. User session ends, everything you stored in a session is now gone.<BR>2. As far as IIS is concerned there is no user connected, until they request another page.<BR>3. The Session_onend event fires off. Response.Redirect who? Nobody is there. You have to do it before the session onend event fires off.<BR><BR>There is a pretty good post below about session onevent. May want to check it out.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>

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    as per MSDN :<BR>Session_OnEnd event description<BR>The Session_OnEnd event occurs when a session is abandoned or times out. Of the server built-in objects, only the Application, Server, and Session objects are available. <BR><BR>As the reponse object is not available your statement is not getting executed

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