Insert statement problem, please help.

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Thread: Insert statement problem, please help.

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    I would like to have maybe a thousand inputs in different forms all across my web site. The vast majority of these will be integers to be stored in integer fields in my access DB. <BR><BR>My problem is that a huge portion of these inputs are not obligatory and can be left blank. My insert statement then tries to enter these blank values into the database and I get a syntax error (two commas in a row in the statement). Is there any way to overcome this problem without giving the inputs a default value or without having to write insert statements to cover all possibilities?<BR><BR>Thank you very much in advance.<BR>

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    You could use defaults for this fields <BR>It&#039s better to write soredproc for this and from ASP side use command object with parameters <BR>If you could post your code and I&#039ll look on it

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