How to run asp+ on iis4.0/pws??

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Thread: How to run asp+ on iis4.0/pws??

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    Rajoo Guest

    Default How to run asp+ on iis4.0/pws??

    How to run asp+ code on iis4.0/pws what are the chages apart from normal asp, bcos when i tried to run .aspx file nothing happened can any one help me ??

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    Default RE: How to run asp+ on iis4.0/pws??

    Hi Rajoo,<BR><BR>You will be able to run ASP+ on IIS4 eventually. Unfourtunately, however, we don&#039t currently support this with the current pre-beta version. We will enable this in subsequent betas.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Scott

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    Don Wolthuis Guest

    Default RE: How to run asp+ on iis4.0/pws??

    How&#039s it going?<BR><BR>ASP+ is nearly a complete departure. While most of the ASP 3.0 DOM is retained, many new and exciting things are added. ASP+ was written entirely from scratch, in C# pronounced C-Sharp. No existing components were reused in ASP+ that were in ASP 3.0, they were rewritten and improved.<BR><BR>ASP+ introduces the ability to write ASP+ applications in any compilable language (Visual Basic, C++, C#, Java, COBOL,e etc.). The ASP+ application is compiled on the server, and HTML is rendered based on the client capabilities. Browser incompatibility is still an issue...but much less to worry about.<BR><BR>This also opes up complete programatic access to every object in the ASP+ app. As a developer, we have more control, with less code. The syntaz has been transformed to a more OOP style (no more Label.Caption vs. TextBox.Text - Text is the property for all controls).<BR><BR>You must! have the runtime files to execute ASPX files. As of right now even if you had them you couldn&#039t use them on NT it will only run on Windows 2000. But with the release you will be able to run ASP+ on NT, Win9x etc. The runtime files are not presently available. If you want to keep up to date on ASP+ and find sample code and a dedicated forum check out and - Launching soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>__________ _______________<BR>Don R. Wolthuis, MCSD<BR>CodeJunkies.NET<BR>Comming Soon....<BR><BR><BR>Two new ASP+ forums<BR>

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    Default RE: How to run asp+ on iis4.0/pws??

    You might want to wait until the software is actually released (at least as a beta) before trying to run it :-)<BR><BR>Dunc

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    neo Guest

    Default can i find ASP+ runtimes for Win2k?

    if so where?

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    Dave Rothgery Guest

    Default RE: can i find ASP+ runtimes for Win2k?

    Yes, if you find someone who went to the PDC. Otherwise, you&#039ll have to wait a few weeks.

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