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    Allie Guest

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    Hi, <BR>I have an ASP page which calls records from access database, <BR>For some reason, no recordsets are displayed on the page.I do not get any errors. <BR>When I tried executing the same asp code but this time calling records from another table in the same database, the results are displayed correctly. <BR>I am confused.Can anybody help me. <BR>Thanks in advance. <BR>

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    Are you sure that your first query returns <BR>any records. Try Printing the SQL on the browser<BR>sSQL = &#039select ...."<BR>Response.Write sSQL<BR>Copy this sSQL and try running it directly in the<BR>database. Maybe there you will get some clue.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Richard L. Guest

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    ..Also view the source code of the HTML produced. sometimes the results of a query screw up the HTML (esp. if they have HTML code embedded). If you see no code at all being written to the browser, the problem is likely upstream somewhere.

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