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    I read it should be possible to maintain a cookieless session even when going to a static html page which then in turn links off to another dynamic page.<BR>Does this mean that all the links on the static page automatically gets the session id added in the url or how does it work ? <BR>And what if you browse a couple of static pages before going to a dynamic page ? <BR>

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    Hi John,<BR><BR>What we actually do is embed the session id immediately underneath the application root. This way all *relative* links to/from dynamic or static pages automatically include the sessionid with it. We then automatically parse this part of the URL out and use it as the sessionid on subsequent requests.<BR><BR>This enables the following scnearios (among many others):<BR><BR>1) Hit Dynamic Page<BR>2) Navigate off to Static Page<BR>3) Navigate off to another Static Page<BR>4) Navigate off to a dynamic page<BR><BR>1) Hit Dynamic Page<BR>2) Navigate to static page<BR>3) Navigate to a dynamic page<BR>4) Perform a Response.Redirect off ot another dynamic page

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