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    Well, now I&#039m in trouble!<BR><BR>I had the FrontPage PWS on my computer, but after reading on a discussion list that the PWS on the Windows 98 cd was better, I foolishly tried to install it without uninstalling the first one.<BR>Not a good idea. <BR><BR>An error message led me to Microsoft, which told me I had a missing dll file (Mtssetup.dll). I followed directions to replace it, but I have to uninstall PWS first. I can&#039t find it to uninstall it!<BR><BR>On top of that, every time I start my computer, it now says there is an Unknown Device, and it keeps looking for a driver that it never finds. Help!!!

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    Same here man. I cant do ne thing with this with out that .dll!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

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