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Thread: login success, direct to a page?

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    I have a login page. Upon success login, how do I direct the user to a page(hello.asp)?<BR><BR>Coz I have a problem here. <BR>Upon login success, it will go to a page stating that <BR>&#039this page has been redirect to here&#039 (The "here" is a link which moves to the page(hello.asp). <BR>Note I&#039m using response redirect up login success.<BR><BR>Is there any other ways that I can prevent this from happen?

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    This is a browser setting. In IE5 there is a setting in the TOOLS&#062;INTERNET OPTIONS&#062;ADVANCED TAB&#062;all the way at the bottom...<BR>"Warn if forms submittal is being redirected"<BR><BR>Hope this help...

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