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    I need help in making my website searchable by the search engines.I used the Meta tags to do that, but it didn&#039t work so far.Any advice.<BR>Thank you

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    Did you submit your site to any search engines? If you don&#039t submit your site then it&#039s possible a search engine will find it, but not very likely. All the major search engines have a link somewhere that allow you submit your site. You usually only have to submit the main page. Then the search engine follows all the links on your page and indexes them.<BR><BR>Submittiing a site will not ensure that your site won&#039t get buried on page 37 of the search engine results. There are some things you can do to improve your results. Meta tags are a big help, but they are not enough. Not all search engines read them. Many just read the page for keywords. Search engines give more weight to keywords contained in the page title, html headings (&#060;h1&#062;, &#060;h2&#062;, &#060;h3&#062;, etc), and words that repeat within the text. They also ignore words that repeat too many times, to prevent spamming. <BR><BR>Tips<BR>----<BR>-Make sure the content of the page uses words that you think people interested in your site will search for (keywords).<BR>-Make sure you have descriptive titles which make use of your keywords. <BR>-Use HTML heading tags for headings and give them the look you want via CSS. <BR>-Have descriptive ALT tags for your images (search engines read those too). <BR>-Submit your site to as many search engines as possible.<BR>-Don&#039t spam the search engine by submitting too often.<BR>-Get other sites to link to yours. Search engines will follow those links to your site.<BR><BR>Keep these things in mind when you create your pages and you should get better search engine results. If you still don&#039t get good results, you can resubmit your site after a month or two, but don&#039t resubmit too often. Some search engines penalize for that and instead of your site being buried on page 37, it will get buried an page 57 of the search engine results.

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