Displaying Next Search Results.<BR>I have been using the article from 4Guys on searching through the text of each file on the site. It&#039s been working great except for one thing. It will ONLY display 10 results - even if there&#039s 90. Within the GetFiles function, there is a variable that sets the records returned to 9 (Const iListPerPage = 9), then later on when displaying the results (no longer in that function), there&#039s a variable listing the number of results. It seems like that variable is not being read. Here&#039s that section<BR><BR>dim iResults<BR>iResults = 0<BR><BR>&#039code to display next page:<BR>if iResults = 10 then<BR>&#039link to next page using &#060;Server.URLEncode&#062;, etc. - and I have that link exactly as in the article<BR>elseif iResults = 0<BR>Response.Write "No records returned"<BR>end if<BR><BR>The link to the next page appears, but no results are found. What am I doing wrong?? I haven&#039t modified this part of the code at all, and I haven&#039t modified anything that would affect this section of the code.<BR><BR>PLEASE HELP !