I am having a problem reading from a text file that I create. I create the INI file, then in another script, open it and loop through it to display contents to the screen.<BR><BR>When I do, the script fails with input past end of file error and there is this weird Y character with two dots over it and a PIPE and a some other odd letter in the first line of the loop output. These letters are not in my file.<BR><BR>I open the file manually and copy the contents to a new file, then it works fine. The problem seems related to the EOF character.<BR><BR>I modified the file that rights the text file--tried write, writeline, trimmed the input before I send it to the file--all result in the same input past end of file error.<BR><BR>This is at work. I come home and try the exact same thing and boom-- its working fine.<BR><BR>Any ideas??