OK, I have a database full of customers who subscribed to our newsletter. Right now we use Majordomo to manage the newsletter, but we want some power!<BR><BR>What I would like to do is use CDONTS and a loop to send email and parse the email address to select domains (eg. aol.com) that do not use HTML in email and send them text version of the newsletter, but send an HTML version of the newsletter email to those subscribers.<BR><BR>Reinventing the wheel is not for me, so does anyone know of ASP out there to do this? Furthermore, we&#039ll end up sending HTML to some people who cannot read HTML, so we need to send text with an HTML attachment. Has anyone successfully sent HTML AND TEXT email? If so, how do we code up the CDONTS?<BR><BR>Finally, we&#039ll need a POP reader that monitors the bounces and marks them off the list. Has anyone done that in ASP? How do we tell the difference between a reply and a bounce??<BR><BR>Hope I am not asking too much!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>John