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    I want to send a Popup Message to a visitor connected to my web site. I already have his IP address in Servervariable REMOTE_ADDRESS and I know whether he is connected or not. <BR><BR>However, he may be just viewing a page and not requesting for another page. If I want to send a message to him that he has been Idle, or any other message, How do I send this? I would prefer this message to be a prompt box(popup)<BR><BR>Please application is stuck here...<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>

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    In theory i guess the simpliest solutuin would be to create an include file with a Javascript and include it on top of all the asp pages .. the Javascript would then wait for 5 minutes or any other time frame and then Pop up an alert box with the Idle msg.<BR>and for each page he views he gets new 5 minutes .. this would be rather simple in prgraming .. but of cz is JavaScript not asp.<BR><BR>Hope this help ... <BR><BR>ActiveALLI<BR>OZ.COM

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