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    Patty Guest

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    Is it possible to create images, through a web site using ASP? I know that ASPimage does this but it is a component that has to be physically installed on the web server. My web site is hosted on an ASP web server which I do not have access to. Thus, I am unable to install any components.<BR><BR>I would like to be able to create images "on the fly" from asp pages without components.<BR><BR>Is this possible ???<BR><BR>Thank you in advance.<BR>Patty

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    Default possible? yes. probable? no way.

    Anything is "possible".<BR><BR>But have you got any idea of the complexity of what you are asking for?<BR><BR>You will have to learn the binary format of the type of image file you want to emulate (.gif, non-compressed is easiest--but it will also be the largest amount of data to send!). Then you will have to write the code to compute exactly what pixels to turn on in the image space. You want to put in a curve? Good. How is your trignometry? Up to speed on how to plot the points on a circle of radius r with a center of x, y? Know how to calculate the proper "fuzz" factor so the arc doesn&#039t look too jagged? You want to put up letters into the image? Fine. Know how to convert a vector font (which all the TrueType fonts are) into a bitmap font and then lay those bits into the right places on the image you are building?<BR><BR>Let me put it this way: Creating *ONE* good general image creation program is probably harder than creating 50 or 100 usable ASP pages.<BR><BR>Oh...and I almost forgot...if you are writing this in VBScript, then you can expect it to take from 20 seconds up to a couple of minutes to create a relatively small image. Your ISP will be *real* happy with you for eating up that much CPU time!<BR><BR><BR>So...maybe it is better to look for some other way to do this?<BR><BR>

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    krishna Guest

    Default RE: possible? yes. probable? no way.

    You can do it. A tool in PERL will do the magic. It<BR>is called "ImageMagicK" install it and try to manipulate <BR>your images with the commands. <BR><BR>You can also create Dynamic images using Flash Generator.<BR><BR>I am working on the same subject. I will appreciate if any one <BR>can share their work with me. <BR><BR>Contact me at<BR><BR>btw search for Imagemagick in You will get home<BR>page of download site.<BR>

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