Hello. Thanks for your time.<BR><BR>It&#039s very easy what I am looking to do, but can&#039t get it working.<BR><BR>I have a field in a db called movies:<BR><BR>There are 10 records for that column in my db.<BR><BR>Ok, the question is, how do I have a pulldown that displays them WITHOUT showing the other fields.<BR><BR>In other words, if my &#039movies&#039 column has these films:<BR>Scarface<BR>Star Wars<BR>Pee Wee&#039s Big Adventure<BR><BR>How do I get my pulldown to dispay them?<BR><BR>I use<BR>&#060;% = rs("movies") %&#062;<BR>and if I loop with movenext, It displays ONE LINE of EVERY column. NOT GOOD.<BR><BR>I just want a pulldown to display ALL the fields for ONE column.<BR><BR>How do I do that?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR><BR>