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    Hi Group.<BR><BR>I&#039ve a database that contains events by shortdate. I&#039d like to display the events that are in the current month only.<BR><BR>Any idea how to build the SQL query. <BR><BR>Here&#039s one of many I&#039ve tried ...<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM events WHERE " & datepart("M",1)&"= date"<BR><BR>where date is the database field name<BR><BR>Any suggests to shops@hertsweb.net<BR><BR>Cheers, Craig MacKenzie<BR>_____________________________<BR>Crai g MacKenzie<BR> Webmaster of hertsWEB -<BR>Connecting the Communities<BR>of Hertfordshire.<BR>Tel: 01920 424845 (eve)<BR>Web: www.hertsweb.org.uk<BR>Email: webmaster@hertsWEB.org.uk<BR>_____________________ ________

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    SQL has a datepart function too (although the parameters are slightly different that VBScript&#039s). YOu can use that.<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM events WHERE datepart(m,date) = " & datepart("M",now)<BR><BR>Something like that. I am a little unsure of the exact syntax for SQL&#039s datepart; be sure to check the SQL books online.

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