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    Andrew Grim Guest

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    All the ASP sites I read say don&#039t use session variables. That&#039s great. But why? My guess is memory allocation, combined with lots of users it could be a problem. Are there any reasons other than this? Memory isn&#039t an issue here, only performance. Making a database call per page to get this information would be unnacceptable for my situation. So I&#039m mainly wondering if there are problems other than memory.<BR><BR>As far as sharing session variables across load-balanced servers, that&#039s not a problem because we maintain persistance to our servers.

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    Shedao Shai Guest

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    If you have already addressed the memory and load balancing issues than there is nothing else. Those are the main reasons for not using Sessions. Optimally the app would be a sessionless app, but we all know that is really not realistic when the requirements call for some form of persistance.<BR><BR>its kind of funny because the next version of ASP will have session management via the URL (instead of cookies). We&#039ve all been doing this for a while manually. So it&#039s about time!

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