I am trying to keep track of logged in users on my site on a per organization basis. So, basically, when a user logs in to my site, I want to authenticate them and determine what organization they belong to, and increment that "orgs" user count by 1. Subsequently, when the user either logs off, server timesout, or they close the browser, I want to decrement the orgs user count by 1 in the Session_OnEnd in the global.asa. I am using a system DSN to attach to an Access DB on the web server which is running IIS, (the Access DB is located on the web server). I have found an article on the MSDN Online (article # Q247968) which very closely describes my situation, but the resolutions in the article do not apply to me. <BR><BR>Any help that can be provided will be GREATLY appreciated.<BR><BR>Have a great Day!<BR><BR>Franklin D