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    tomas jogin Guest

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    The title says it all. Microsoft has developed a freaky way of accessing serverside jscript functions from clientside via java.<BR>This opens bunches of doors. imagine being able to process a form before it is submitted? yeah. wow.<BR>Anyone else know more about this, tips tricks and how to implement it ? I firmly believe that this will revolutionate the web.<BR><BR><BR>/thanks, Tomas Jogin, Sweden

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    Randy Edmonds Guest

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    I use it. It&#039s a cool thing for ASP programers to know how to do, however it is just another tool to use. It is great for input validation and I really like the asynchronous callbacks.<BR><BR>I haven&#039t been able to find many resources on the web or in print. Microsoft has info at<BR>

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    Pretty good. A bit slow, but hey, I don&#039t want to complain. If you are not comfortable with JScript you can do the server-side in all ASP, but you need to upgrade to VB5 which supports classes.

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