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    Imar Spaanjaars Guest

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    Does somebody know how to solve this problem:<BR>I use the following HTML table:<BR><BR>&lt;table border=1 width=100%&gt;<BR>&lt;tr&gt;<BR> &lt;td width="50"&gt;<BR> & nbsp;<BR> &lt;/td&gt;<BR> &lt;td width=*&gt;<BR> Bla bla bla. Main text goes here.<BR> &lt;/td&gt;<BR>&lt;/tr&gt;<BR>&lt;/table&gt;<BR><BR>For some weird reason, Netscape does not make the first column 50 pixels wide, but somewhere around 150 or so.<BR>IE formats the table correctly.<BR>Am I doing something wrong, or is this something with Netscape??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help.<BR><BR>Imar<BR>

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    I would recomend either using set widths or using all dynamic widths. Netscape does not seem to like using set widths inside a dynamic width table. Although it does work to use %widths inside a set width table, but the width will not be dynamic.

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    Imar Spaanjaars Guest

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    Yeah, I&#039m afraid we have to live with the differnces between Netscape and IE.<BR>I&#039ll try a 5% en 95% table split, or someting.<BR>I tried making a table with no width (and even with a small width) and a picture (a spacer) and it still didn&#039t size my column correctly.<BR><BR>Thanks anyway.

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    Chad Everding Guest

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    The only way for your table to look correct in Netscape is by having content (text or images) appear for the full length of the column that you want to expand - kind of like word wrap. This is the only sure way that I know of to solve the problem in Netscape.

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    Imar Spaanjaars Guest

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    Yep, I was afraid so. I&#039ve been realy creative ;-) and came up with some other solutions:<BR>One is the percentage based column, allthough I still hate the fact that I cannot control the exact width.<BR>Another solution that came across is the cellspacing and cellpadding properties. They still don&#039t produce the result I desire, but it comes close.<BR>Thanks for replying.<BR><BR>Imar<BR><BR>

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    Bandolex Guest

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    &#060;table border=1 width=100%&#062;<BR>&#060;tr&#062;&#060;td width=50%&#062;ihhui&#060;/td&#062;&#060;td width=50%&#062;klhohou&#060;/td&#062;&#060;/tr&#062;<BR>&#060;/table&#062;<BR><BR>that&#039s it

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