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    Scott Fitzgerald Guest

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    Hi,<BR>Would anyone know how to create a dynamic page that can be updated four times a day, with the info for the update coming from a text file. This text file specifes numerous variables which will change each time the file is updated - and the changes need to be reflected in the page (e.g. icons, table names and simple html will all be updated each time). Any help would be greatly appreciated!<BR>Regards, Scott

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    Josh Rolfe Guest

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    If I understand correctly, this is what I would do.<BR>If your text file looks something like<BR>icon=""<BR>tableName="myTable"<BR><BR>then you are going to have to do some parsing using the FileSystemObect. <BR>How you will do this depends on how the text file is set up. Are the variables always on the same line, or in the same order?<BR>Is there one variable per line? If I can see a sample of your text file, I could probably give you some better instructions.

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    No it&#039s more complicated than that, the text file looks like this:<BR>BOS&#124 71&#124 58&#12403&#124 76&#124 63&#124 17&#124 78&#124 60&#124 16&#124 73&#124 61&#124 18&#124 77&#124 63&#12406<BR><BR>BOS represents the city, Boston in this case.<BR>71 and 58 represent the high and low temperature for that day in that city.<BR>And 03 represents the icon I should use.<BR>The next three numbers represent the same, but for the next day and so on. This whole line is updated four times a day.In my page I would need to dynamically recreate these variables, and change the icon if needed, everytime the text file is updated.<BR>Any suggestions??

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