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    I have an ASP script that does a number of things (traceroute, nslookups, whois lookups, etc) and takes a minute or so to load. The page gets several hits per minute (sometimes peaking at a few hits per second). I just moved to a new server because the page sometimes gets bogged down during spikes.<BR><BR>On the new server after a minute or two asp pages start going on the queue. The queue grows and all asp pages start hanging. This happens under a much smaller load than the previous server which runs without anything on the queue at much higher levels of traffic. I have plenty of memory/processor time available. HTML pages will load even though asp hangs (until the server gets so bad that everything shuts down). How can I allocate more resources to ASP? I already tried changing to "over 100,000 hits per day."<BR><BR>I also tried isolating the pages to its own memory space under MMC. On the previous server I was able to do this. I set up duplicate sites each in its own memory space. Now (under sp6) I get an error when I try to do this. A box comes up saying something about mtx.exe and the process should start in c:winnt rather than c:winntsystem32 and then an error box comes up saying the process is terminated. The box comes up every time the page is requested. Plus, MMC keeps hanging when I try to isolate the processes like this.<BR><BR>russ

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    This is a tricky one! Sounds like you may need to tune some of the ASP metabase setting like ASPProcessorThreadMax and ASPRequestQueueMax - read for details.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Here is a list of helpful links.<BR><BR>later,<BR>John<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    that doesn&#039t work either (I was able to get the utility to change other parameters but the aspprocessorthreadmax does not work) <BR><BR>-<BR>C:WINNTsystem32InetSrvadminsamples&#062;adsuti l.vbs set w3svc/AspProcessorThreadMax 50<BR><BR>ErrNumber: -2147463168 (0x80005000)<BR>Error Trying To GET the Schema of the property: IIS://LocalHost/Schema/AspProces<BR>sorThreadMax<BR><BR>C:WINNTsystem32In etSrvadminsamples&#062;<BR><BR>

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