'Division by zero(null)' error

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Thread: 'Division by zero(null)' error

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    I get this error message with the following sql statement:<BR>SQL = "INSERT INTO OLD_COMPANY_NAME VALUES (" & Company_No & ", " & todays_date & ", &#039" & Company_Name & "&#039)"<BR> RecordSet.open sql, DataConnection, 3, 3<BR><BR>Does any one have any idea why or what I can do?<BR>Thank you<BR>(also: the &#039todays_date&#039 field is obviously a field of type &#039date&#039

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    Looks to me like you need single-quotes around todays_date. The database knows it&#039s a date field, but ASP doesn&#039t. All it sees is something like 7/21/00, and it will try to evaluate that as a mathematical expression.<BR><BR>Just slap some single-quotes around it, and see how that works.<BR><BR>Matt

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