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    Stel Guest

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    I currently have a search page that searches my website, however, is it possible to have the search page search a database?? The problem is that all my store names are stored on a database and I have 1 page that is used to view store stock depending on the store you have selected. I want the user to be able to input a store name, and have this search look thru database and give a result of what stores met their criteria and then redirect to the asp page that pulls all the inf from the db and shows the store merchandise. Currently if the user enters a store name, there are no results found because no physical store name resides on any of my pages. The web page with store details is created only when the db is accessed.

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    Patty Guest

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    This could be done using a database. You need to planify and store all the necessary information into the database such as store name, merchandise related to each store and so forth. Relationships are a must. When your database is all set up, you will have no problem access all the needed information which is in the database. I have already acheived many search engines using a MsAccess database, they work great.<BR><BR>Hope this info helps you a bit.<BR>Patty

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