I have 2 tables, 1 is the BOOK table (primary), the other is the PUBLISHER table (foreign). When user fills in an on-line form for a particular book, he will need to choose a publisher from a list box (I can create it from the PUBLISHER table). The problem is, how can I display the publisher information (e.g. publisher name, address, email)in the form once the user has selected a publisher from the list box ? I don&#039t want to re-submit the selection to the server and refresh the form. Any effective way to achieve this ? Or can Javascript help ?<BR><BR>Example of the form<BR>===================<BR>Book name : user input<BR>Publisher (user select from a list box)<BR>Publisher name : (display according to selection above)<BR>Publisher address : (display according to selection above)<BR>Publisher email : (display according to selection above)<BR><BR>Thanks.