Okay, since I&#039ve complained about other schemes for doing paging through a RecordSet, I decided it was time to put up or shut up.<BR><BR>So here&#039s my contribution.<BR><BR>http://www.ClearviewDesign.com/NEWBIE<BR><BR>and see the last demo on the page.<BR><BR>In addition to the default db and table names, you can use "ClientDemo"/"Employees" *or* leave the default DB alone and just change the table name to "Categories". Neither of the non-default choices are very interesting because they have so few records, but I wanted to show that it truly is a flexible page of ASP code.<BR><BR>I *think* this is pretty high performance. It uses the much heralded "GetString" to construct the table. It is careful about its cachesize and pagesize management, to make sure that movement of data from DB to ADO is kept to a minimum. And it even shows how you can change the page size dynamically, at the user&#039s request. <BR><BR>Truly, none of this is hard. And I don&#039t understand why some of the other code we see around does things so clumsily. (Why those ugly HREF&#039s to link to the other pages? why not a nice clean form that makes it *SO* easy to copy the info from page to page in comparison with the stupid query strings? why...well...too many "why"s I guess...hmmm...does this make me a why-ner?)<BR><BR>Comments appreciated!<BR><BR>Next step: Let&#039s do *BOTH* the PAGING AND THE COLUMN SORTING entirely in the browser! Let&#039s REALLY cut down on the Server overhead! <BR><BR>Coming soon to a web site near you...<BR><BR>Bill<BR><BR>