We have several stored procedures written on SQL Server 7.0 that use the "Print" statement to return messages to the calling<BR>program. Is there a way to call the "Print" statement from ASP? I know how to retrieve return values and output parameters,<BR>but not sure on this.... <BR> <BR><BR>Example: <BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE stp_temp<BR> (@sPKG_CODE varchar(15) = null, <BR> @sEVENT_CODE varchar(30) = null, <BR> @sEVENT_GROUP varchar(30) = null, <BR> @sEVENT_DESC varchar(100) = null, <BR> @dACTUAL_DT datetime = null, <BR> @sLAST_USER varchar(15) = null, <BR> @dLAST_UPDATE datetime = null, <BR> @sLAST_ACTIVITY varchar(1) = null) <BR><BR>AS <BR><BR>Set nocount on <BR><BR>Declare @iErrorNumber int <BR><BR>Begin Transaction <BR>INSERT INTO PDS.dbo.PDS_HDR_EVENTS<BR> ( [PKG_CODE, <BR> EVENT_CODE, <BR> EVENT_GROUP, <BR> EVENT_DESC, <BR> ACTUAL_DT, <BR> LAST_USER, <BR> LAST_UPDATE, <BR> LAST_ACTIVITY) <BR><BR>VALUES <BR> ( @sPKG_CODE, <BR> @sEVENT_CODE, <BR> @sEVENT_GROUP, <BR> @sEVENT_DESC, <BR> @dACTUAL_DT, <BR> @sLAST_USER, <BR> @dLAST_UPDATE, <BR> @sLAST_ACTIVITY) <BR><BR>Set @iErrorNumber = @@Error <BR><BR> If (@iErrorNumber &#060;&#062; 0) <BR> Begin <BR>Print &#039Error Occurred While Processing Insert Statement on dbo.PDS_HDR_EVENTS table...&#039 <BR>Print &#039Transaction Cancelled...&#039 <BR> Rollback Transaction <BR> Return(@iErrorNumber) <BR> End <BR><BR>Commit Transaction <BR>Print &#039Record Inserted Successfully...&#039 <BR>Return 0 <BR><BR>