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    I have six fields in my form, I need to recive att the information through my home FAX, please help me out.<BR>Tauqir

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    there&#039s no inbuilt mechanism for this. some modem fax drivers function as &#039printers&#039 so you&#039d need to find a component (or make a component) which interfaces with the fax driver on the server and sends appropriately formatted information. however, if you don&#039t have a dedicated/co-located server and an available phone line at the server location, you won&#039t be able to do it.<BR><BR>some web-based email specialists provide this sort of functionality for a price - if you have the budget, you&#039d best go to them, but to be honest, you&#039d be better off getting it sent to a home email address (if you don&#039t have one, it&#039d be cheaper to get one than the fax functionality)<BR><BR>jason

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