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    I just read an article which made it seem that ASP+ does not support scripting languages (VBScript, Javascript) and that you must use a compilable language (C#, Visual Basic). Does it not support VBScript, or is it just more functional/effecient with a compilable language like C#?

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    ASP+ supports VB, JScript and C# out of the box as languages you can program to within a page. Note that although these languages are "compiled" -- meaning computed into native x86 instructions -- there is no compilation step required. Just hit save within notepad and the next time the file is hit ASP+ will dynamically compile it for you (just like ASP -- except that ASP dynamically interpretted the page using a script engine).<BR><BR>VBScript has previously just been a "subset" of VB. As such, if you know VBScript you&#039ll feel at home with VB, except that now you have more language features -- like strong typing -- that you can *optionally* take advantage of.

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