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Thread: Netscape not displaying backgrd image

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    Linda Guest

    Default Netscape not displaying backgrd image

    I have an asp page that has tables within it. It&#039s basically a form the user fills out. The background displays an image which is a background image of the company name written over and over. This works fine until I get to Netscape. Is there a reason why the input text boxes seem to cover up the background image. It seems like it chops up the image, where in IE it overlays over the background nicely.<BR><BR>When are they going to bann a pain coding for both IE and Netscape.

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    Joel M Guest

    Default Rock on sister

    well, this post would be a better one for the HTML Q&A forum, but either way, I hear you on the Netscape crap...hopefully netscape 6 is gonna fix all those incompatibilties...when you post on the HTML forum, make sure you put a code snippet so we (they) can know how exactly how you&#039re doing what you&#039re trying to do.

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