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    Can someone explain what the real difference is between using MS Access and MS Sql, besides requiring an NT server for MS Access?<BR><BR>Is it productive to use an access database for a website??

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default ? Too general

    &#062;&#062;Can someone explain what the real difference is between using MS Access and MS Sql&#060;&#060; Way too many to list here. What are you actually trying to do? Or are you referring to the syntax?<BR><BR>&#062;&#062;besides requiring an NT server for MS Access?&#060;&#060; I have no idea what you mean here.<BR><BR>&#062;&#062;Is it productive to use an access database for a website??&#060;&#060; Describe your website. How busy, how many users, how much data, etc. Access if fine and cheap for some sites, but will totally bottleneck others.<BR><BR>Come back with more specific questions and you&#039ll get more specific answers.<BR><BR>

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    I don&#039t think that you need ntserver, both dbms&#039s will run on win9x or ntws.<BR><BR>Major diff is that Access is a standalone desktop db, while MS Sql is a serious multiuser server dbms. Access will grind to a holt with 20 simultaneous connections, while MSSql can handle 1000 and has better security.<BR><BR>This said, I beleive that with sound design an access db can handle considerable web trffic, and MSSql may be an overkill in a lot of situations. I say this because the nature of access in a web app is different to traditional db apps. In the latter, a user makes a connection and continues to use it until the program is terminated. On the web, the web server executing an asp script, will make a connection to the dbms, gets the data, close the connection and returns a webpage. If the app is designed properly and care is taken to open connection to db only when required and close connection when it is not needed, typical connection to db will be very short. This means that an access db could feasilbly handle the db requests from 1000+ hits per hour.<BR><BR>An advantage of mssql is that it come with remote admin facilities to make admin of the database easier. An Access DB would have to be downloaded and hence taken offline to do any serious maintenance. If the db is not too large this may be an advantage, becuase the db is contained in a single file, whereas an MSSql DB cannot be as easily downloaded.<BR><BR>To see if an access db would be suitable you would need to analyse your sites ecpected useage patterns. If you expect to have a lot of traffic and many simulataneous hits are expect go MSSql. If you expect heavy traffic but spread out, Access will do the job.<BR><BR>If you expect your DB to have a very large number of records you should go with MSSql.

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    Linda Guest

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    well based on last email I am unsure if my decision to use MS Access database is good. I have an online menu service. Customers go online, select a restaurant and view their menus. The database is accessed using vbscript and after info is pulled, it is closed and results are displayed.<BR><BR>I just dont know what will happen if I get a lot of hits.<BR><BR>Any suggestions on how to learn more about MS school I was trained on Access using ASP I am not familiar with MS Sql.

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