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    Ian Cornish Guest

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    I&#039ve been looking for an answer to my problem in all the other places, but to no avail...<BR>I have to provide a logon page which users enter their id and password(Got that working). Then this calls an VBScript that will authenticate them against a SQL database. It goes like this:<BR>On error resume Next<BR>rsConn.Open "DSN=xxx;UID=" & request("UserID") & ";PWD=" & request("Password")<BR>If err=0 then<BR> Response.Redirect "OK Page"<BR>else<BR> Response.Redirect "Failed Page"<BR>end if<BR><BR>This fails. Always. Even with a correct password. Any clues as to why ?

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    Ian Cornish Guest

    Default RE: DB Authentication - Clarification

    Just to clarify, the user must be authenticated against the database itself, and not NT or any other table in the database.

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