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    I put an access DB on domainDLX&#039s site but realized i didn&#039t put a password on it. how do i set the password and also how do i put it in the connection string. i tried it but i can&#039t see to get the user name and password to work. i know the password is right but what would the username be? where in the access DB would it say that? I keep getting some error but it&#039s not even a username and password error.

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    If you&#039re using Access 2000, in the Tools menu there is an entry for Security and from there you can set a password and also look under "User and Group Permissions" to find the usernames. If you haven&#039t done anything to the security settings, the user name is most likely "Admin". To put the password and username in the connection string would look something like this <BR><BR>ConnectionString = "DSN=whatever; UserID=Whatever; pwd=whatever"<BR><BR>hope that helps<BR>John

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