Hi,<BR> I am trying to generate a report on our Intranet Site using Data Shaping and Stored Procedures in SQL 6.5. The error I get back says "#TempTable not found." <BR>Platform:<BR> DataBase: SQL 6.5<BR> ADO: version 2.5<BR> workstation: NT 4.0<BR> Browser: IE 4.72<BR><BR>For some reason the Shape object does not see the #TempTable. I&#039ve ran this stored procedure in the Enterprise Manager and it runs fine without any errors. I&#039ve changed my Stored Procedure and eliminated the #TempTable to attempt to resolve the error, but it goes to next temporary table and says that its not found. (One side note: The hierarchical recordset I am creating is a three level recordset. Hence, I am using nested Shape...Append...Relate command. I call the same stored procedure in each level, using the "Exec" TSQL command, with one of the stored procedure parameters indicating which level of the hierarchy the call is coming from.) I am not sure if the fact that I am calling the same stored procedure three times is causing the problem or not. I say this because I initially tried a simple example with three stored procedures (one for each level of the hierarchy) and it worked fine. The example stored procedure did not have temporary table, so added temporary table and tested...and it worked fine. So, I don&#039t think "#TempTable not found" is the real problem. If anyone can shad some light on this issue or some hints as to how I can debug this I would appreciate it. If it would help to see the code, let me know at jkpatel@magellanhealth.NO-SPAMcom (remove &#039NO-SPAM&#039 from email address before repling) and I&#039ll forward it to you. I thank you in advance for your time. <BR><BR>-Jatin