Hi everyone,<BR><BR>I have several fields where dates are entered and there&#039s one field that writes out the date (i.e REsponse.Write(date))<BR>I want to make all the date fields to have format yy-mm-dd. So, on entering a 20/07/00, it should know to convert it to 00/07/20.<BR>That&#039s one problem. The other now is that I have an SQL database where all information are stored including the dates, but for some reason, if someone enters 20/07/00, it does not know to convert it to 00/07/20. <BR><BR>I guess if the second problem is solved, it doesn&#039t really matter what was inputted on the web page and so it eliminates the first problem.<BR><BR>So, to make a long story short. MY SQL database currently has a format mm-dd-yy. I want it to accept any date values (i.e. July 2000 , 07/20/00, etc....) from my web site and convert it to yy-mm-dd.<BR>I&#039m not sure if this would be an SQL problem or if I can do some CONVERTING in the ASP code. <BR>There is some CONVERT function but I&#039m not sure what the syntax is, if anybody knows, please let me know.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Odd26