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Thread: Having to reboot to recompile COM object

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    Default Having to reboot to recompile COM object

    I can&#039t recompile a COM object written in VB on my server without rebooting the whole machine, which is a real pain in the posterior to say the least.<BR>I&#039ve tried stopping and starting the web service and that doesn&#039t help.<BR>The COM object is still project compatable at this stage. I&#039ve set everything that I call at class level to nothing before I shut down and I&#039m setting all references to this COM object to nothing before I leave the ASP page (even when it errors).<BR>Can any one help please?<BR><BR>James

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    Ah, yes, the beauty of working with IIS and COM objects.<BR><BR>In IIS, for the folder containing ASP pages that call your COM object, create a new application, then set the application to run in its own memory space. When you want to update your COM object, unload the application, unregister the object, update it, then re-register it. (If you&#039re working right on your server then you may not need to do the unregister/re-register routine.)<BR><BR>If you need more details on how to do this, let me know.<BR><BR>HTH

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    Default Oh, just one more thing...

    You will likely want to start off by rebooting, then following the steps I (sort of) mentioned. If the object is in use already, you can set everything up as I indicated but you will need to reboot. After rebooting, however, you should be able to recompile your object by unloading the application.

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    Default Stop Services

    I have found that temporarily stopping IIS Admin Service also works, if this is a possibility for you. You can then replace your dll(s) or whatever.<BR><BR>Tom Oakes

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