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    Default Response.redirect to a parent frame

    Hi,<BR><BR> Is it at all possible to make a response.redirect act on the parent window? any ideas? code samples would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance. Dan.

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    Default SHOULD be in the FAQ (Scott???)

    Sigh...Not your fault, but this question must be asked once every other day.<BR><BR>Short answer: NO.<BR><BR>Reason: Code ON THE SERVER (which is what Response.Redirect is) simply DOES NOT and CAN NOT know what is on the "other end" of the HTTP connection. It might be a browser that doesn&#039t support frames. It might simply be a "sniffer" program that doesn&#039t display anything at all but is just running around indexing sites.<BR><BR>The HTTP connection is *initiated by the browser*, and the connection *only* applies to the window and frame from which it was initiated.<BR><BR>************<BR><BR>Now...<BR><B R>You *can* use a combo of ASP and client-side JavaScript to accomplish something that might *look* like what you are asking for. But for that I will point you to and the JavaScript FAQ. Read what you can on the topic(s) there, think about it a while, and then come back and ask for details, if need be.<BR><BR>

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