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    fung ting Guest

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    i got 10 fields textbox.some user like to insert 3 or 5 or 7 value in the text box and submit probably. but in my page it doesn&#039t allow user just inserting 3 value out of 10 , and it must insert all the value of textbox then it run successfully. why ? how to prevent this error coming out "data criteria type mismacth" ,if user really insert 3 value only then submit it ,instead insert it all?im using the access database

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    I think we really need to see your code for this one

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    Judyg Guest

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    Try checking your access table. Go to design mode and check the field properties for each field. If the field is not required than Type in No and the "Allow zero length" field property should be set to yes. I hope this helps.

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