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    I am working on an intranet for a medium sized network and there is incredible amounts of documentation that needs to go there. A lot of it is on different servers. Is there a way I can access these files and folders AS OBJECTS? I have a recursive function which browses directories but it won&#039t handle remote paths.<BR><BR>I have no trouble with linking to the documents from my pages but cannot do something like:<BR><BR>Set RootFolder = FSO.GetFolder (strPath)<BR><BR>where strpath is \serversharefolder<BR><BR>If there is a way please point me towards it.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    you&#039d need to have the drives mapped on the server (which poses a security risk, as many viruses use mapped drives to propagate or cause damage) - if you can get your administrators to allow it (doubtful), that&#039s the way to go with the code you have so far. If the other machines are servers themselves, you could look into using FTP components or another component designed for the purpose<BR><BR>jason

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