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    i have point_Rate fields ,is the number format in the access database.if user try to insert the letter in the textbox then it got the errormessage box pop up but even though user insert the number into it, it still display the error meesage out why?<BR><BR><BR>function submit_Onclick<BR>dim s<BR>s = cint(point_rate)<BR><BR>elseif window.document.myproduct.Point_Rate.value="" then<BR>msgbox "Point Rate is not inserted",16,"warning"<BR>window.document.myproduc t.Point_Rate.focus<BR>submit_Onclick = false<BR><BR>elseif isnumeric(s) then<BR>msgbox "Point Rate must be numeric",16,"warning"<BR>window.document.myproduct .Point_Rate.focus<BR>submit_Onclick = false<BR><BR>else <BR>submit_Onclick = true<BR>end if<BR>end function

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    Right now the ElseIF basically says that if your number isnumeric then pop up the error message it should say<BR><BR>ElseIf NOT IsNumeric(s) then<BR><BR>....

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