I&#039m building a dynamic form for modifying records in a table. it&#039s completely database independent and doesn&#039t use tablenames or columnames to build the form. I&#039m using the Fieldobject to do this. For instance: With the OPenSchema you can select a table and then the form will build automaticaly. <BR><BR>The input fields of the form are fetched and customized by using the field.item.name/type/props and attributes. This way I can determine what kind of data the field holds so the user cannot insert chars into a column which holds an int as datatype. Also, fields that are marked as an identifier or other fields that cannot be updated/modified will not be shown on the form. I figured out weather or not a field is marked as a primarykey or can contain NULL. But now I want to determine if a field has a forgeign key and what table that foreign key is looking at so I can create a pulldown from the values in the other table. Please notice that I don&#039t want to use column or tablenames in my scripting to build the pulldown since I don&#039t know what table to search for at start(user is able to select a database & dsn). <BR><BR>Does anyone know about the binary numberformat SQL uses to indicate column properties. For instance, the 6th bit contains the IsNullable property for a field in SQL server. <BR>Example: If SQL server returns 104 as the value for the attributes of a field, it means the field IsNullAble because the 6th bit of this number is set to 1<BR><BR>My guess is that there&#039s a similiar way to indicate weather or not a field holds a foreing key. <BR><BR>I hope you know what I mean because it&#039s hard to explain this. If there&#039s a simpler way to do this, let me know please.. For the rest, I&#039ve tested the script on SQL and ORACLE, and it works great. i just have to figure out the Fkey and do some more finetuning..<BR><BR>Thanx,<BR>Remco<BR><BR>scorpio ngfx@softhome.net<BR><BR>PS: &#039ve been tampering with the OpenSchema method, but it&#039t not really what I&#039m looking for. I&#039m not sure weather oracle supports this as well. retrieving Pkeys and Fkeys doesn&#039t work as well(maybe I&#039m stupid or the provider doesn&#039t support it.. I donno..<BR>